Music Line

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Music Line part 1
par Prince Nico Mbarga

Music Line part 2
par Prince Nico Mbarga





I want to tell you a story.


And this story na about my own very very self


When I be want to leave my parents


I tell my papa say "Papa, na music I go play oh


Na music go be my work."


My papa tell me "no, my pikin. Music i no good."


He say "musicians they no deh get better money."


He say "musicians, they no deh marry."


He say "when musicians get small mony, women go tchop'am all."


Na'im I say "ah ah. This women they deh force musicians ? Or they say musicians no marry ? It is surprise me."


The next thing when I do be say I run !


I go join musicians.


After three months, I send my papa


Big big mony !


I no reach two months again, I send my mama


Big big mony !


Ahaaa. They deh wonder.


After one year, I go home


I tell my papa seh "papa, I want to marry."


Eh eh, he laught.


He says "you ready ?", I say "I ready oh."


Na'im I go find one fine girl. I marry'am.


I no reach another six months again, I go home.


I say "papa, I want marry oh."


He say "number two ?" I say "number two."


He say "na wa oh." I say "no bi wah, na wawawa !"


Na'im I go find another girl, I marry again.


After some time, I go to visit my law, with my car.


My law asked me seh "who get that car ?"


I say "the car is my car."


He say "na so ?" I say "na o so so !" eh eh eh


So, Rocafil Jazz, and very many other musicians who I know, na mister and mistress


I be a lie ?


Chorus : Nooooo !


So look :


Inside music, enjoyment, i deh !


Everything, i deh !


Woman, i deh !


Mony, i deh !


O yo yo, i deh !


Everything, i deh !




So, ladies and gentlemen


This life is what you make it.


As you make your bed, so shall you lie on it.


If all people begin trade, na who go buy ? Nobody.


So go ouna leave me I play my music oh !


After all, music is business.


Chorus : This world na wonderfull place

When we come, stay one day we go die oh

Mama a ah (bis)


Make we no go see all this ending things oh oh oh


Because one day, we go die and leave'am


Man deh sand sand oh oh oh


Life oh yo go


See pipe pipe feel for this world


And fine fine things were god praise, all go pass away


And out, na so di one day


Na wé ti man go do do for this world wo wo


If man dé life forever, be better (bis)


Papa, make you no vex oh, mama, make you no vex oh


Na music I go play oh


Na music be my business


Na music I go work oh


If I play music you go enjoy oh


Pa pa o ko o ko oh, mama é ké


Ooh mama o sima é


Sima, sima, oh oh sima é




When I don join the music, Rogers All Stars


The father of musicians, say he go help me


Ah ah ah ah, and he helped me, 


Rogers All Stars


Sima, sima, oh oh sima é




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